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Jenson Button_ Dublin_0007D_Boyne_B 0070 B&WSuperbikes_Dublin0025Classic bikes_0007HRCA_Post_55_0034HRCA_PRE_55_0006Sam Dunlop has his eyes fixed firmly on the road ahead as he exits finnegans corner during the Skerries 100 road race in Ireland.If rain on the previous day had not put the riders off, a simple stop sign stood little chance during the Skerries 100 road race in Ireland, the actual race day was blessed with sunshine following a day of torrential rain for the practice sessions.IMG_5660DHF -0837DHF -0402D_Boyne_DFT 0023DHF -0407DHF -0519DHF -0872Practice for the Skerries 100 road race goes on despite the heavy rainIan shipley _0079DHF -0246IMG_5920D_Boyne_B 0023DHF -0842Jenson Button_ Dublin_0003DHF -0885IMG_HRS4316Prodrift Dublin_0005DHF -0939DHF -0765DHF -0834DHF -0881IMG_HRS4240Lemans 04_099

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